Types of Digital Cameras

Though the pinhole camera was invented in 1558, it was not before the 1800s that the first photograph was taken with a camera by Joseph Niepce. However, this photograph did not survive beyond a few hours since the colors did not last long but it provided an inspiration for the future generations to improvise on the concept and develop cameras into what they are today.

Digital Cameras
Digital cameras do not use film rolls to capture images as they are electronically operated. Though they are more expensive than Polaroid cameras, they do not involve any costs for processing the images or for purchasing film rolls. They give the opportunity to view the images and delete them directly from the camera. You can upload the images, print them at home and edit them on computers as well as send them to people via email. Some types of digital cameras are point and shoot cameras, interchangeable lens camera, Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) and mobile cameras. There are various brands and price ranges that you can choose from. They are available at electronic stores and showrooms as well as at various online shopping portals.

Point and shoot cameras - They are the best suited for amateur photographers as they do not require technical knowledge for taking good photographs. As the name indicates, the camera is pointed towards the object whose photo is to be taken and then shot to capture the image. Point and shoot cameras are one of the cameras that are in great demand now.

Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) – Unlike the Point and Shoot cameras, they use the optical view finder to capture images. They have only one lens. They are an advanced version of the digital camera as they offer various unique features, like focus, shutter speed and white balance. They are apt for professional photographers or for people who are passionate about photography.

Interchangeable lens camera – They offer more than one lens, unlike DSLR. As the name suggests, the lenses can be changed to suit the requirements of the camera-user. Some of the types of lenses are prime lens, wide angle lens, zoom lens and a macro lens for shooting micro objects. While the prime lens ensures excellent image quality, the wide angle lens is ideal for landscapes.

If you want to take up photography as your profession, you should go for a high-end Digital SLR camera as they are versatile. If you are a resident of Middlesex, there are many camera stores that you can choose your Digital SLR Camera from. Research on internet or take the assistance of a person who is knowledgeable about cameras to zero in on the camera whose features best suit your interests.

Alicia Hodkins is a renowned author. She is passionate about photography and is in the habit of writing for blogs on various topics, especially travel and photography. In this article, she has focused on some of the types of digital cameras.
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