Take Your Photo Collage to the Next Level

If you want to make a photo collage into a jigsaw puzzle, you now have the opportunity. You can now send in your photos to a company that will then make a photo collage and then turn that collage into a jigsaw puzzle for you. It is as easy for you as sending the pictures in and approving the quality of the work.

The process is not terribly lengthy and generally only runs somewhere between two to three weeks. This is from the point you send in the pictures to the point where you have in your possession a completed photo collage puzzle. The actual design of your collage only takes about 5 days. You will generally have the option to review the work at this point and decide if it is to your liking. From that point you can expect around a twelve day time frame for the puzzle to be rendered and sent to you.

You have two options for sending in the photos for your picture collage; you can email them or mail them. If you are scanning the prints or have pictures already developed, it is a good idea to make sure that they are 300dpi quality or better. If you are sending in digital pictures, make sure the quality is 3 megapixel or greater. For email, the jpeg format, which is the most popular format, is preferred though other forms may be accepted.

The quality of any picture collage depends on the quality of the pictures therein used. This is the reason to set a standard for quality of the pictures. Because the process for picture collages is mostly a digital one, there will be more touch ups on the pictures whenever possible including fingerprints, scratches, correction for color balance, focus and exposure.

The pricing can vary quite a bit and will depend on how many pieces and how large you want the puzzle to be. You can expect anywhere between $80 to $250 for most puzzles. Depending on the options you choose you can opt for a more expensive and intricate puzzle or just go for the more economical choice.

If you have ever wanted to make a photo collage of a special moment to commemorate it, a photo collage puzzle is an interesting and unique development of that. Picture collages are something most people can make given the time and desire. However, a picture collage jigsaw puzzle is not quite so easily done. This may be the perfect present for someone or even for yourself. Regardless, it will definitely not be a boring purchase.
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