Aspects to Think About When Looking for a Digital Camera

Like many things in life when your experiencing something for the 1st time you are usually uncertain ways to do it. The same can be true when buying your first digital camera. Youwill without doubt be deluged with facts, figure and more jargon than you know what to do with. We will attempt in this piece to help togetherwith some of the lingo and show you what to have a look for when purchasing a digital camera. Some of the feature may not interest you unless you need your camera to perform specific tasks, however its always worth knowing exactly what you are purchasing so you can pick a good deal when you see one.


The resolution of a camera is measured and publicized in million pixels. The idea behind this figure is the amount of pixels the camera has to take an image with. In this situation the bigger the number the better quality of picture you'll be able to take. For example if you purchase the cheapest digital camera that has got a resolution of 4 megapixels, pictures that you take with that camera will be well placed to take pictures made up of 4million pixels. Its apparent when you think about a camera with atwo megapixel resolution will not create as image as crisp or as detailed as the 4 megapixel one.

If you regularly print out your photographs on your pc or have them sent away to be published then the megapixel rating of your camera can be very necessary to you. Higher megapixels on your camera will allow you to make prints larger in size while still keeping the quality. If you try to print a picture too huge than what you camera was designed for then the image drastically loses quality.

Looking for a Digital Camera
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The very last thing to know about megapixels is the bigger the resolution you take pictures in the more space on your memory card will be taken up. A picture taken on a 4 megapixel camera will need two times as much space on a memory card as a picture taken on atwo megapixel camera. Be certain if you want quality pictures have enough memory on your camera to back it up, Either that or have spare media cards to plug in once your space has been utilized up.

Digital Zoom and Optical Zoom

No doubt when you're purchasing a camera youwill need some kind of zoom function to take those in the distance shots. This is a wearisome area for some first time consumers. There are 2 kinds of zoom on the marketplace for digital cameras. Digital Zoom and Optical Zoom. The only one that truly matters is Optical zoom, this is true a true zoom function that brings the objects nearer to you using the optics of the camera. Digital Zoom is like using the zoom function on an image revising software package. It enlarges a chunk of the image so it seems like its closer to you.

Anything you can do with digital zoom you can do with a photograph revising package so don't splash a lot of money on a camera with digital zoom only. Sometimes you will also see "total zoom " publicized this means the number that's quoted here is the optical zooms magnification added to the digital zooms magnification. Try and find out the magnification level of the optical zoom alone for the true cost of the camera.

Aperture Size

We could be going a little further here than a few of you would like to worry about but bear with us as the aperture size can make a massive effect on your photographs. The scale of the aperture determines exactly how much light is let into the camera when your picture is taken. Think about the aperture like the iris of your eye. No real deal you may think, however having more light permits you take better photographs in a variety of lighting condition, cloudy days is aperfect example.
With a giant enough aperture you would be less likely to want the flash, personally I loathe to use the flash function, the synthesised flash of light does not always do justice to the picture you are endeavoring to take. Also effects like red eye are also common.

Shutter Speed

Great effects can be made to photographs using a spread of shutter speeds. The thing to look for when buying a decent digital cameras rated in terms of shutter speeds is the broadest range you will find. This will give you the best chance of manipulating the picture how you need it. Mixed with a pro-active aperture the shutter speed can make photographs come to life or freeze pictures in a flash.

This system is great when you wish to take moving objects precisely how they look as if they were still. Setting the shutter speed on a slower setting gives more exposure to the CCD ( charge coupled device - the digital equivalent of film ). The effect is that the picture almost appears to run. Moving objects are a little blurred. You may think this is a bad thing but take an instance of running water leaving the shutter speed on for longer will melt the image creating a pleasing image to the eye just like the way a waterfall appears in real life.

You can take digital photography to the acute with a camera that has got a really a wide variety of shutter speeds. With an astonishingly slow shutter speed, you can have a long exposure of light to the CCD and thus receive like the famous traffic scenes where the headlights mix into one another into a constant stream.

Storage Media

Digital cameras come with a slot for a range of media cards. Check when you buy your  best cheapest digital camera what kind of storage media it requires. There are many popular types including Smart Media, compact flash and xD picture cards. As long as you know what type your is you should be able to safely by the right type. Always ask at your neighborhood store if you're doubtful. If you give them your make and model they deserve to be able to align you in the correct direction.

The scale of the media card you choose is dependenton your position but get as much as you are able to afford. More memory means you donot have to change media cards, and you will be able to take photographs in the very best quality all the time. Youwill soon learn the advantages of having plenty space for storage when you begin to use your camera regularly.

The best thing about cameras media is that its just like a film if you do run out you can simply insert another one if you have one with you. It can be a bit of a pain when downloading your footage to your P.C but a lot less more of a pain than having to remove some picture as you have run of space on your media card.
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